About Us

We custom make cast gypsum element moulds by Rubber upon client needs and site requirements by our long years of experience and ideas. Then we produce material at our workshop by Gypsum powder locally available in market of high quality and durability.

Our method is based on the client’s need for high quality and durable work, delivering on time and full satisfaction.


Our workforce comprises of skilled and efficient gypsum carpenters, wood carpenters, helpers, finishers and painters using high standard tools, machinery and equipment’s. We know the importance of maintaining co-ordination with other contractors on site, in order to meet completion schedules.

Quality Policy

Providing high quality work on time, every time; is the driving force behind our Quality policy.We ensure that all project quality requirements are identified prior to execution of work. Customer-supplied products are verified and controlled in accordance with documented procedures. We strive for continuous improvement in the quality of our products, processes and delivery. Our Quality policies include:

Organisation Structure

Our Team consists of Management Staff, Site and Office Coordinators, Designers, Site Foremen, Site Supervisors, Factory Workers and Site Workers.

Management Staff: The management is fully structured department wise, to provide special attention to individual clients at every step through the work process. They are also the daily drivers for organisational activities such as quality control, safety precautions and measures, timely record keeping of correspondence with clients, procuring high grade materials and recruiting people with the right skill sets for our projects and activities, etc.

Site and Office Coordinators: Meet the client for projects, preparing necessary documents and contracts, communicating with our office and other contractors on site, presenting the drawings for client approval, insuring work progress according to schedule, reporting new developments on site and in construction drawings, etc.

Designers: Create, edit, study drawings and supplied specifications required for the production and installation of gypsum elements. Our co-ordinators remain in contact with the client/consultant for approvals and details.

Site Foremen: Understand and provide directions on site to workers who execute the installation of Gypsum works, interior painting as per approved drawings and specifications.

Site Supervisors: They are the link between the workers on site and management. Well aware of the methods to extract the best and most efficient work performance from workers. They also ensure that safety and environmental standards are met on site with their watchful eyes.

Factory workers: Manufacture Gypsum elements, carvings, moulds, master pieces. Skilled with years of experience, our workers are always ready to meet all creative demands of our Clients/Consultants.

Site workers: Execute the work on site based on provided drawings and instructions. Their work involves assembling the scaffoldings, measuring and marking the areas on site, fitting and finishing of the installed elements. Always working in teams, they include fitters, finishers, helpers, carpenters, joint fillers, and Foremen.

Customised Decoration

We can work with designs and pictures provided by the client for commencing work at site installation and factory casting. Alternatively, our designers can propose designs for client’s approval from a wide variety of genres and styles. Paint samples are prepared on site for client’s selection and approval. These samples are based on discussions with client’s preferences and specifications.


We source the best materials available in the region, for our works. All our procured materials such as Metal channels, screws, joint compounds, gypsum powder, gypsum board, wood paint are carefully selected to provide the most secure and durable work. To provide the high quality expected by our clients, we undertake our material purchase decisions with scrutiny. Materials maybe sourced locally or regionally from renowned brands and companies, and from respected and trustworthy suppliers and retailers. Our relation with the materials suppliers allows us to procure items as per specifications at competitive prices and reliability.